Foot Fetish Fantasy

Many people find a specific body part especially sexy, like butts, abs, legs, or breasts. For some people, that body area is the foot—and their sexual interest in feet is an attraction better known as a foot fetish.

Just as with any sexual preference, there are many different forms that foot fetishes can take. Some foot fetishists prefer adorned feet. Others go for naked feet only. Some people fetishize footwear, such as stilettos or sandals, but others focus on less sexy shoes like sneakers or boots. Regardless of your preferences, we have the goods for you!

The Casino Waitress

Ahhh, the Casino Waitress. She's always dressed in skin-tight dresses and sexy high-heeled shoes. She hustles her gorgeous ass all over the casino floor making sure you're fully liquored up and spending your hard-earned cash. This collection of shoes will be fragrant with sweat and funk after her long, 10-hour shifts.

Nights in the casino can be grueling, but that doesn't stop this Waitress! She still wears her sexiest shoes because she loves to please her patrons. Give her a nice tip and she'll pour you a "shoe shot" of your favorite liquor or bubbly libation!
When the Cocktail Waitress is finally off work she likes to go dancing at her favorite dive bar. While she's wiggling her ass and flirting with the bartenders, she's also working up quite a sweat. These pungent black lace beauties have had many nights on the dance (and the bedroom) floor.

The Flirty Tomboy

Who doesn't love a Tomboy? She can easily keep up with the boys, whether it's shooting or motorcycle riding or skateboarding. Some people think that being a Tomboy means she's not feminine, but nothing could be farther from the truth. She likes pretty dresses and sparkly shoes just as much as t-shirts, jeans, and combat boots. Whichever of her shoes you choose, they'll be well worn and funky!

Even a Tomboy likes to get dressed up once in a while. But even when she's wearing blue suede chunky heels, don't expect her to be prim and proper. She's been running and jumping and climbing trees, which means these babies are stinky. Real stinky.
The Tomboy saw these Vans and thought she had gone to heaven! They are the perfect combination of feminine style and comfort, so she wears them ALL THE TIME. They're getting pretty salty and are almost past their prime, so she's passing them on to you for your sniffing enjoyment.