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Love Juice Hits the Online Mags with Gusto

The response we received from the 2016 AVN Expo was above and beyond our wildest expectations. And apparently, we made a name for ourselves. Love Juice was written up in Maxim, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire (Netherlands) online magazines. We're honored to have such prestigious press writing about us! Check out the articles: Cosmo: Maxim: Esquire Netherlands: Wow...this is REALLY happening! Who knows what's next, Love Juicers?

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5 Ways to Enhance Arousal with Dirty Panties

A lot of men (and some women) enjoy sniffing dirty panties to heighten sexual arousal. Some may call this a fetish, but I tend to reject that label. Instead, I believe it's basic human nature. Studies of odors, their production, and their effects on humans, AKA osmology, shows that both men and women are attracted to each other by specific chemical messages called pheromones. Scientists have been performing pheromone studies for many years, often with conflicting results—do humans have a sexual response to certain scents like other mammals do, or is that a myth? The jury is still out from a scientific view, but considering the booming market for dirty panties, I believe there is a strong connection between scent and arousal.      ...

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