The Juicy Trio

The Juicy Trio


Can't decide between the smells of sweet innocence, worldly experience, and downright dirty? Now you can enjoy all three in one handy-dandy set and save 5 bucks.

The bundle includes one each of Squeaky Clean, Oh So Natural, and Big & Bushy and one pair of pantiesColor and style of panties will vary.

Use Love Juice along with your favorite dirty magazine, porn, or during virtual reality sex for the ultimate multi-sensory experience! To use, simply spray the desired amount of Love Juice on the panties and enjoy your dream girl's scent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The scents smell the most realistic when sprayed on the panties and allowed to dry. The scent will be very strong while wet but will mellow and become very sexy as it dries. 

For ingredient information please visit the individual product pages.