Armond Rizzo's Power Bottom Love Juice and Underwear

Armond Rizzo's Power Bottom Love Juice and Underwear

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Known for his XXX scenes with burly, well-equipped men, Armond Rizzo has redefined power bottom. Take your fantasy to the next level with this ultra-realistic scent of Armond’s freshly drilled hole. Immerse yourself in the pure essence of his pink creampie—moist and musky, with a hint of salty sweat.

Box Set includes one new pair of Armond's custom-made Yocisco underwear and 5 ml of his "Power Bottom" Love Juice. 

Use while browsing Armond's Twitter feed @ArmondRizzoxxx or watching his movies for the ultimate multi-sensory experience! To use, simply spray the desired amount of Love Juice on his underwear and enjoy Armond's actual scent.

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Ingredients: Alcohol, Fragrance, Propylene GlycolFor external use only. Keep out of reach of children.